Pride Scooter Lifts & Ramps

Lifts and Ramps from Elrod Mobility

Getting from here to there easily

Elrod Mobility offers a wide and diverse selection of scooter lifts, power chair lifts and ramps that simplify your life.  We have clients in Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Anniston, Gadsden, Huntsville and beyond. From exterior and interior lifts for scooters and power chairs to solid, single-fold, multi-fold and rubber threshold ramps, Pride Lifts and Ramps offer the versatility, durability and performance that are synonymous with the Pride name.

  • Ease of Use: With only a push of a button or turn of a key, Pride delivers the smooth, easy operation you’ll appreciate, providing simplicity in taking your chair or scooter with you.     
  • Reliability: In keeping with our commitment to provide only the highest quality products, Elrod Mobility proudly presents Pride Lifts and Ramps.  Extensive testing, proven designs and high quality construction means each and every pride lift and ramp provides reliable worry-free operation.     
  • Compatibility: Pride Lifts are compatible with a large variety of mobility products and vehicle combinations, delivering the perfect match of vehicle, lift and mobility products.  Click Here to find your Pride lift or contact Elrod Mobility for further assistance in selecting the right lift for your specific needs.     
  • Seamless Installation: Pride Lifts integrate with your vehicle for an unobtrusive, clean installation that blends with the factory aesthetics of your vehicle.      

Everything you need for your lift

From battery packs to in-house chargers, hitch risers and extensions to scooter and power chair weather covers, you’ll find these and many more accessories to increase the convenience and effectiveness of your Pride Lift.  Click Here to view the many available accessories through Elrod Mobility.


The quick, simple way to improve mobility device access

Steps, doorways, thresholds, small staircases: these are just a few of the obstacles that can limit the effectiveness of your scooter or power chair.  That’s why Pride Ramps are so popular.  Solid ramps, single-fold ramps, multi-fold and rubber threshold ramps provide a simple, sturdy, safe and secure solution, allowing you to access elevated areas with your Pride Scooter or power chair.  Ask the professionals at Elrod Mobility to suggest the right ramp for your particular need.

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