Motorized Wheelchairs

Motorized Wheelchairs (Power chairs)

Elrod Mobility and Jazzy Power Chairs:

.... Partners in maximizing YOUR mobility

Elrod Mobility is proud to offer the complete line of Jazzy Power Chairs, America’s #1 selling Power Chair.  Once you’ve discovered the reliability, ease of use, maneuverability and versatility of a Jazzy Power Chair, you’ll understand whyElrod Mobility    offers Jazzy as the ultimate power chair solution. We service clients throughout central Alabama, including Gadsden, Huntsville, Anniston, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery.

Time-tested reliability: Built into every Jazzy Power Chair Whether it’s the Jazzy 600 Series or Bariatric Series, the Jazzy Select Elite or the Jazzy Select HD, every Jazzy is engineered and factory tested to deliver consistent, dependable performance.  Jazzy has eared a reputation for delivering uncompromising reliability so you’ll always move with confidence.  Superior construction materials and engineering have resulted in a power chair that has been proven time and again to be as durable as it is easy to use.  Backed by the personal service of the staff at Elrod Mobility, you’ll always enjoy dependable service from Jazzy! 


Ease of Use: Mobility right at your fingertips!

One of our favorite things to do is introduce a new client to the innovative, easy-to-use design of the Jazzy Power Chair. Smooth, state-of-the-art controls make it extremely easy to operate. Well-thought controls and mid-wheel drive technology put you in the perfect position for maximum comfort and a more natural placement during travel. You’ll be impressed at how easy and intuitive the simple controls feel. Simple, comfortable and natural: one more reason Jazzy is America’s #1 Power Chair!

Maneuverability:BIG technology to conquer little spaces

You simply have to experience the Jazzy Power Chair advantage to believe it! Innovative mid-wheel drive design has enabled the Jazzy to achieve amazingly tight turning radiuses: the key to maneuvering easily through even the smallest of spaces. Each and every Jazzy boasts this advanced mid-wheel drive technology, ensuring you can navigate even the tightest turns and smallest of spaces safely and easily.

Versatility: Designed with YOUR lifestyle in mind

Jazzy has set the standard with amazing durability, superior maneuverability via their innovative mid-wheel drive design and rider-friendly controls, but they go even further with accessories that bring a whole new level of versatility to you.

Jazzy offers a wide selection of accessories to personalize your Power Chair, increasing its usefulness and meeting your needs. With the full line of Jazzy accessories, you can personalize your chair to make mobility even more enjoyable. View the selection below of Jazzy accessories available through Elrod Mobility. 


Wheelchairs (manually operated)

For those individuals looking for a manual wheelchair solution, Elrod Mobility has the staff and knowledge to assist you.