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Each year, thousands of people search for a solution to the problems posed by staircases. Staircases represent a serious challenge to the elderly and the physically challenged. In many cases, a staircase becomes a barrier, virtually cutting off access to a whole level of their home. Elrod Mobility provides home elevators and stair lifts to help you get around your house. We operate throughout the state of Alabama, including Birmingham, Bessemer, Huntsville, Anniston, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Gadsden.

A quality Sterling Stairlift is the smart alternative to moving or simply living on one level of your home. Your home is your castle and a Sterling Stairlift lets you enjoy all your home has to offer safely and conveniently.

Sterling: a stairlift designed with you and your home in mind

Sterling Stairlifts offer a safe, stylish and reliable way of getting up and down stairs, regardless of your staircase type. If your staircase is straight and doesn’t turn any corners between floors, Sterling offers 3 systems from which you can choose. Sterling also offers stairlift systems that turn corners. If you suffer from limited knee or hip movement, you may want to consider a perch seat: an option available on both the Sterling 1000 straight stairlift systems. In fact, Sterling is one of the few companies that offer a perch seat on a curved stairlift system (the Sterling 2000).


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Sterling and Elrod Mobility: your total stairlift solution providers

As a Sterling Stairlift provider, Elrod Mobility is proud to offer the latest in quality stairlift systems from a company who has developed a reputation as an industry leader. The various available systems and options make Sterling the all-application solution in stairlifts. Straight staircases, curved staircases, hinged track to avoid blocking doorway access available as either a manual or powered hinge application: you’ll be amazed at the way a Sterling Stairlift seamlessly integrates into your existing staircase. If you would like us to send you a copy of our Sterling Stairlifts Guide please click here. It has been designed to help you.

How to choose a stairlift:

Stairlifts fall into 2 categories:

Straight and curved stairlifts:

If your staircase is straight and does not turn any corners between floors there are 3 Sterling Stairlift systems for you to choose from.

  • Sterling Simplicity Straight Stairlift
  • Sterling Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift
  • Sterling 1000 Straight Stairlift

We also offer stairlifts for staircases that turn corners.

  • Sterling 2000 Curved Stairlift
  • The trained and experienced staff at Elrod Mobility will assist you with your decision.


Installing and assessing the user needs

A stairlift has three basic components. Firstly, a track is fitted to your stairs. Domestic stairlifts are usually fitted directly on to the staircase itself, not the wall. A power pack (the drive unit) is fitted to the track. This is the unit that will travel along the track. Then the seat that most suits your needs is fitted to the power pack.

All stairlifts are operated by a switch or toggle that is held in the direction of travel to make the lift move. When it is released the lift will stop moving.

All Sterling Stairlifts are battery powered meaning they can still be used during a power outage.

Surveying your staircase and assessing the user needs

You do not need to worry about measuring or surveying your staircase, Elrod Mobility will do this for you. We will advise you of any adjustments required to fit your stairlift (e.g. move a heater) and which is the best side of your staircase to fit your stairlift.

We may also obtain some additional information which would be taken to ensure that the stairlift chosen is suitable for the user. There will also be some simple questions to see which would be the best side to place the controls, what sort of seat belt would best suit the user(s) and to determine which features would be required now and in the future. We will also verify if you need a hinged track.



All Sterling stairlifts have an easily accessible key switch that allows you to disable the lift and prevent unauthorized use. There will be no need to worry about unsupervised children playing with your stairlift.



The toggle switch has become a signature feature of all Sterling stairlifts. It has been designed to be easy to hold in the required direction of travel and eradicates the need for the hand to grasp the control - a benefit that has been hugely appreciated by many of our users.

remote control

Sterling stairlifts can also be operated by remote control; all lifts come with this as standard.

When your stairlift is not being used you can fold it up to maximize free space in your hallway.

All Sterling stairlifts come with two remote controls as standard, so you can have one upstairs and one downstairs. This means you can send your stairlift up and down the track without having to sit on it. Your stairlift can be called between levels, just like an elevator.

Options: There are several options available which we will be happy to help you ascertain if you need, including: Body Harness and a Perch Seat stairlift.

Outdoor stairlift:

Yes,it isn't only stairs inside the home that cause problems for some people. Steps up to a porch or front door can be equally difficult to climb. The Sterling 1000 Outdoor stairlift is fully waterproofed and designed to overcome the problems caused by external straight runs of stairs.
  • Outdoor stairlift


Some questions and answers about stairlifts also known as home elevators

A few of the more common questions and answers appear below. If you have any questions, no matter how small, the staff at Elrod Mobility has the answer.

Q: Will I need to redecorate once my stairlift is installed?
   A: Your new stairlift will be fitted to your staircase, not your wall so in most cases the answer will be no. There is a selection of upholstery colors to help match your lift to your color scheme. In some instances you may need to have a handrail moved or a window ledge reduced in order to avoid clashes with you new stairlift, in which case some minor re-decoration may be needed after the lift is installed.

Q: How long does it take to install a stairlift?
   A: The complexity of your stairlift will determine how long it takes to fit your lift, however most lifts will only take between two to four hours to install.

Q: What happens if there is a power outage?
There's no need to worry. Your Sterling stairlift is operated by batteries; these re-charge when your Stairlift is left on a charge point. This means your stairlift will continue to work if the power supply is interrupted for a limited number of trips. The Simplicity Series stairlifts will charge wherever they are left on the track.

Q: What happens if I leave my stairlift off charge?
Audible and visual signals will alert you that your lift is not on a charge point. The power supply to the stairlift should remain switched on at all times. If stairlift batteries are allowed to go completely dead they may need to be replaced.

Q: What if I want to have a new carpet?
Your stairlift can be removed and refitted to allow for the laying of new carpets.

Q: How long will I have to wait for my stairlift?
This will depend on which Sterling lift you order. Sterling understands the difference a stairlift can make to your quality of life which is why they offer the shortest market lead times possible.

Q: Which stairlift is right for me and my staircase?
Sterling offers a range of stairlift systems, all of which are detailed in the guide to Sterling Stairlifts.Click here to request a copy. Elrod Mobility will be happy to conduct both a survey of your staircase and assess your needs to help you identify which system is right for you. 

Upholstery Color Selection